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Lost license codes

The automated recovery system exists for users who have lost their registration records for a Wincent product and do not have backups of that information. Although Wincent provides this recovery system, it is still important to keep both printed and electronic backups, because if you ever change email addresses then you will no longer be able receive remailed codes (for security, license codes are bound to the address used at the time of purchase). Burn your registration notice to CD and print it out so that if you have a hardware failure you won't lose your license code.

This page contains information about the system and how to use it. There are three main steps that you will need to perform in order to recover your registration details:

Step one: Confirm the email address supplied at the time of purchase

In order to locate your registration information, it is necessary to know the exact email address supplied at the time of purchase. Each license is inextricably bound to the email address used during the purchase, and without that address, the license cannot be located. Other information, such as your name, credit card number, and transaction ID are not stored in the database and so do not play any part in the automated serial re-sending process.

Depending on whether you purchased via PayPal or with Kagi you will be able to visit one of the following sites in order to confirm which email address you used at the time of purchase. It is important that you confirm the address, because experience shows that in many cases users do not correctly recall the address that they have specified in their PayPal or Kagi account.

If you paid via PayPal, you can log into your account at the following address and from there locate all of the relevant details of the transaction:

If you paid via Kagi, you can use their online order tracking service:

In fact, if you paid using Kagi you will find that you need go no further than this, because their online order tracking service will be able to re-supply you with your registration information.

Please note that occasionally people recall paying, but when they check their bank statements they see that they never actually made the purchase. If you log in to your PayPal account, or use the Kagi online order tracking service and cannot find any record of the payment, this means that you did not actually make the purchase, and your bank statement will corroborate this.

Step two: Visit the automated recovery system in your browser

On this page you will be able to enter the appropriate email address and once your registration information is found, your serial number will be automatically re-sent to that address. For security reasons, it is not possible to send the serial number to alternative addresses (because there is no means of verifying that the holder of the alternate address is in fact the registered user).

If the system cannot find your registration information, this means that there is no purchase record associated with the entered email address, and you will need to try again with the correct email address.

If you no longer have access to the email address used at the time of purchase, and therefore are unable to retrieve or read the re-sent registration information, then for security reasons the automated system is unable to provide you with a serial number. You will have to open a support ticket and request that Wincent do a manual search for your license code. You need to provide enough information so that the code can be located; this means, at a minimum:

  • Your full name or organization name as specified at time of purchase
  • Email address used at time of purchase
  • Product licensed
  • Payment service used (Kagi or PayPal)
  • Transaction or receipt number
  • Date of purchase

Step three: Make electronic and "hard copy" backups of registration information

It is your responsibility to keep reasonable backups of registration information. Electronic backups in themselves are not sufficient; it is recommended that you also make a printed hard-copy of your registration information so that you will be able to access it in the evident of a hardware failure. Burning to CD is also a good idea, because hard drive failures are relatively common.

The automated serial recovery system is provided free of charge as a service to all users, but there are no guarantees that the service will continue to be provided in the future. This is why it's so important to keep backups, and why as soon as you receive your re-issued serial number notice you should make a copy of it in both electronic and printed form.

Please note that the automated nature of this system means that it is not able to deal with challenge-response anti-spam mechanisms (for example, those that require the sender to click a link, visit a webpage, reply to a message, or type in a word in order to permit delivery). As such, if your email address is protected by such a system, you are advised to temporarily disable it before using this service. Alternatively, you can add "win at wincent dot com" to the "whitelist" of allowed senders (if such a facility exists in your anti-spam service) so that the re-issued registration notice will be allowed through without intervention (all serial number notices are issued/re-issued from that address).

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